• Chris Arnold

    Chris Arnold

    "All my life I have been aware that I was surrounded by natural patterns. Often in the natural world, there is a kind of organic symmetry, which is not based on geometry and in many ways I try to emulate this looseness in much of the decorative and sculptural techniques I use. Having come from a scientific background, this process of freeing myself of convention is an integral part of my work."

    Born in...

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  • Rose Burke

    Rose Burke

    I have been working with warm glass for the past two decades.  Each glass plate is individually hand crafted.  The process involves sandwiching layers of enamel between clear glass sheets which are then kiln fired, fused and slumped into bowls or plates.  A characteristic of this technique is the small champagne bubbles that occur between the enamel layers.


    My designs are influenced by the Australian environment which is a constant and ever changing...

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  • Scott Chaseling

    Scott Chaseling

    The paintings of Scott Chaseling’s artworks impart a narrative that present as a still frame from a complete account and yet also appear mystical and open-ended. This allows the viewer to bring his/her own history to complete the commentary focusing on the physical expressions of his characters. The protagonists in these narratives, either in stasis or in movement place themselves in frames of vacancy, similar to those souls in an Edward Hopper painting. With paintings open to...

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  • Richard Clements

    Richard Clements

    Richard Clements was born in London, and was apprenticed as an industrial glass blower from 1966-1970. He established Argyle Glass in Sydney before moving to Tasmania in 1978. He is a glass artist of international renown. Technically brilliant, he creates pieces of all shapes and sizes with a flair for the ridiculous.


    The limitless variation of shape and decoration within the form of a bottle remains a constant fascination, despite his interest in making larger goblets...

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  • Meg Caslake & David Pedler

    Meg Caslake & David Pedler

    Meg Caslake and David Pedler’s hot glass studio is nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Surrounded by cherry orchards, they have a beautiful environment in which to create these unique works of glass.


    Having met at Adelaide’s renowned Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre, they quickly found that each had an appreciation for the design and production of quality hand-crafted art work.


    Both innovative and passionate,...

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  • Denizen Glass Design

    Denizen Glass Design

    Robert Wynne
    Robert was born in Yarram, a rural town in Victoria in Australia’s south. He commenced his artistic career studying ceramics. Whilst studying for his final year he met visiting glass artist, Nick Mount, who had recently established...

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  • James Dodson

    James Dodson

    Tasmanian born James Dodson completed a degree and began his professional life as an architectural draftsman drawing other peoples dream environments. He rarely ever saw or touched the finished product, and then during a trip to Europe discovered hot glass in London.

    Molten glass has an undeniable seductive quality and for James, the inspiration is endless.   He studied at the Orrefors Glass School in Sweden and worked in Greenwich, London before returning home to Tasmania,...

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  • Ben and Kathy Edols and Elliott

    Ben and Kathy Edols and Elliott

    We work within the traditions of the Decorative Arts and are concerned with issues of craftmanship and skill. We make the objects we like to see in the world and are building a body of work that we hope will be coherent as it evolves over time.

    We work with glass for many reasons. For Ben it is a strong attraction to the process of working in the Venetian style of glassblowing.For me I am inspired to work with glass by what is possible in terms of carving and decorating the forms and...

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  • Brenden Scott French

    Brenden Scott French



    2003                        BA (Vis) Honours Canberra School of Art ANU

    1998-1999               Associate of Design – Glass Studio: Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design


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  • Eileen Gordon

    Eileen Gordon

    Born in Norway to Scottish parents who are both skilled glass engravers, Eileen completed her training in England, then emigrated to Australia in 1980.  After many years developing her skills and working in glass studios around Australia and overseas, Eileen Gordon established the Gordon Studio Glassblowers with her partner Grant Donaldson in 1990 and has gone on to become one of Australia's foremost glassblowers.  Eileen's elegant vessels are a radiant record of the colour and...

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  • Alasdair Gordon

    Alasdair Gordon

    After completing a four year course of study at Edinburgh College of Art and

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  • Rish Gordon

    Rish Gordon

    I grew up in Kenya and have always been interested in drawing wildlife of every sort. My glass pieces are engraved through...

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  • Kevin Gordon

    Kevin Gordon

    Kevin was born in Bergen, Norway in 1968, then moved to Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland in 1972 where he lived until 1980 when he and his family moved to Perth, Australia.  After completing high school in Fremantle in 1985 he worked with Kim Pierrer, Artist Sculptor, for a year learning casting, electroplating and forming techniques.  In 1987 Kevin went to Tasmania where he worked as a Jackaroo for five months, then a Winter person at Mt Buffalo Ski Resort in Victoria before returning...

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  • Holly Grace

    Holly Grace

    Glass Landscapes: An exploration of nature and glass.

    Human interaction with nature has always been a strong theme in my work. I grew up in Perth, Australia a city of extreme isolation where nature is a beautiful, yet harsh reality. The dividing line between the urban and natural landscapes was small and constantly changing. I gained an early respect for and fascination with nature by watching this interaction through windows, which created a transparent division...

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  • Noel Hart

    Noel Hart

    The abstractions in my blown glass sculptures result from an...

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  • Marc Kalifa

    Marc Kalifa

    I was born in Paris, France and settled in Qld after many years of travels.
    I have now been running my hot glass studio at home, in Maleny, for over 20 years.

    Being a self taught artist enjoying experimentation, I like mixing different glass casting techniques with other mediums like bronze, gilded wood or ceramics. This has allowed me to develop a range of multi media sculptures such as the “Dreamers”, “Guardians” and “Journey”...

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  • Dr. Gerry King

    Dr. Gerry King

    Gerry King is a renowned artist and designer specialising in contemporary glass. His work is exhibited, collected and published internationally and held in some twenty public museum collections worldwide. Orientated towards exhibiting, he is also sought for design commissions and architectural projects. Originally trained as a glassblower he now works with a wide variety of techniques.

    One of the first Australians in the field, King commenced working with glass while undertaking...

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  • Sheena Larsen

    Sheena Larsen


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  • Amanda Louden

    Amanda Louden

    Amanda has been working with glass since completing her degree, majoring in Hot Glass in 1983.  Whilst her main focus is in decoration, Amanda continues to blow and form her own glass.  She hires the Hot Glass studio for a few weeks a year, then spends the other months decorating the glass.  She has been a sessional lecturer at the Fine Art Department, Monash University, Caulfield Campus.

    Forming her own glass allows her to make pieces to a preconceived colour and...

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  • Elizabeth Mavrick

    Elizabeth Mavrick

    Elizabeth was born in Western Australia and moved to Sydney in 1979 to study Visual Arts at the Sydney College of the Arts, graduating in 1982.

    In 1990, when she returned to her childhood home of Fremantle,  Elizabeth turned her full focus to glass. Since then she has been creating and developing her own designs in her chosen medium of art glass.  Much of her signature kiln-formed work has been inspired by visits to the Pilbara and Kimberly regions of...

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  • Ruth Mc Callum-Howell

    Ruth Mc Callum-Howell

    My current body of research production has been exploring notions of the aesthetic links within chaos and perception, and the boundaries of chaotic systems, particularly within the methodology of the glass-casting medium.


    Chaos is all around us, in the shape of a mountain range, the movement of fluids or the windings of a riverbed. The implied unpredictability of these things in spite of their complete determination by the given rules is reflected from the microcosm to...

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  • Peter Nilsson

    Peter Nilsson

    Artist statement

    To me glass is the perfect medium for pictures. It works as a window that can frame a clear view or play with your eyes, and if you make a sculpture, you can look at it, into it and through it. In my design I often get my inspiration from a happening or a feeling in relation to nature.

    Since I moved to Australia I have concentrated on engraved glass. That´s how I first started and i guess I will always return to it. I can be quite...

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  • Ruth Oliphant

    Ruth Oliphant


    Ruth Oliphant graduated with honours from the Australian National University’s glass workshop Canberra in 2008. Upon graduating she was awarded the Australian Decorative and Fine Art Society Award, the Embassy of Spain Award and the Canberra Glassworks Residency Award. She has gained recognition  as an emerging artist and has exhibited both nationally and internationally with  Kirra Galleries in Melbourne and at SOFA Chicago for the past three years. She is...

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  • Chris Pantano

    Chris Pantano

    Drawing, designing and making things has been a source of enjoyment for me from a very early age.  It is for me a very comfortable and direct way of expressing ideas, relating to others, and connecting with the environment.


    Like most Australians, including those who have come from distant lands and made Australia home, I am drawn to the warm, earthy colours and textures of the unique, varied and extremely beautiful Australian...

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  • Tom Rowney

    Tom Rowney

    Tom Rowney has been working in glass for over twenty years and during this time the traditional Venetian techniques have been his constant source of inspiration. He has perfected his skills and is renowned as one of the most accomplished glass blowers in Australia.

    Venetian style glass blowing has always fascinated Tom the most. The combination of precision and accuracy used to create a precise piece of glass is something he constantly aims for in his work. He enjoys handling the...

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  • Harriet Schwarzrock

    Harriet Schwarzrock

    Elementally this body of work is derivative of singular cellular forms and their varying structures. Basic components, amass to become multifarious formations. The intrinsic complexity of growth and natural forms is a vast field from which I draw inspiration. Shifting technologies and expanding scientific understanding within both microscopic and macroscopic imaging, expose beautiful and at times random interconnectivity. It is these broad themes of connectivity and networks which permeate...

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  • Tim Shaw

    Tim Shaw

    Tim’s work is bold and vibrant in colour and form and daring in its execution. Each piece is masterfully blown and magnificently carved.

    The very nature of this dangerous and exhilarating creative process is what makes Tim’s pieces truly unique. These tactile objects exemplify Tim’s passion for this most elusive of art forms – glass!

    Tim continually challenges the traditional concept of the vessel and his cutting edge art transports the viewer into...

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  • Crystal Stubbs

    Crystal Stubbs

    Crystal Stubbs is an Australian born glass artist based in country Victoria. She produces hot solid formed glass sculpture’s that are figuratively based. Her latest series of work, Character Series, incorporates cast crystal elements. It explores the relationship between the human form and architectural elements.

    Crystal graduated from Monash University with an Honors degree in 2001 and worked for many different glass blowing studios in the proceeding four year’s. In...

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  • Emma Varga

    Emma Varga

    I am blessed to live and work in an exceptionally beautiful area of Sydney and my work is accordingly inspired by the surrounding landscape, especially since I established my studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1995, only hundred metres from the Pacific Ocean.


    The technique of ‘multiple layers fusing’, gradually developed during the past 12 years, enables me to create and to gain control over three-dimensional images inside large transparent glass...

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  • Bethany Wheeler

    Bethany Wheeler

    Bethany Wheeler is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in kiln formed glass.  She obtained a Master of Fine Art degree from Monash University in 2003 and has been exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally for the past 15 years.  Bethany’s work can be found in private and public collections including the National Glass Art Collection of Australia.  In 2013 she established 1000 Degrees Glass Studios, a communal kiln forming and cold...

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  • Maureen Williams

    Maureen Williams

    My work is concerned with personal narratives and views which are expressed using a three-dimensional canvas to depict altered views or altered landscapes. The paintings reflect my abstract notion of reality as imagery.

    The imagery has been concerned with the narrative and most recently with the juxtaposition of nature and man’s imposition on nature. I use natural and aerial views and the linear aspects of the land together with those impacted by man. Imaginary views are linked...

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  • Patrick Wong

    Patrick Wong

    My work is hot-worked solid glass, influenced by both classical and primitive traditions of sculpture.


    I am interested in the body as the external expression of an internal existence.

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  • Zoe Woods

    Zoe Woods

    Zoe Woods is an Adelaide based glass artist who explores the human connection to nature through abstracted organic pattern. Through heavy studio based experimentation she investigates the optical qualities of glass, with its ability to bend light, to stretch, magnify or reflect an abstracted image, and the feeling of wonder that can be enticed. Her work has been informed by historical scientific illustrations, contemporary glass exploring microscopic form, 'Op art', and the potential...

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  • Robert Wynne

    Robert Wynne

    My work portrays contrasting impulses within. I love the challenge of technical precision but I need to be able to play and explore. I enjoy making beautiful objects but I am not afraid to create pieces that evoke emotions more complex than just aesthetic appreciation. In some ways I’m an anarchist, I’m not happy when things are just comfortable. I am restless, always looking for an angle and this is reflected in a body of work that is quite diverse....

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  • Ben Young

    Ben Young



    Raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand, and now living in Sydney, Australia, Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 10 years and has exhibited alongside well-known glass artists in New Zealand.


    Having spent most of his life living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty (North Island, NZ)...

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  • Laurie Young

    Laurie Young

    Laurie Young has been working with glass for many years, transitioning from flat (stained) glass work, to fusing to casting to the torch. After graduating with Honours from Monash University Glass department she and Chris formed Nudibranch Art Glass. Working both collaboratively and individually, they produce a range of work from small items such as jewelry and perfume bottles to large scale sculpture.

    Together they have been finalists in the Ranamok Australasian Prize for...

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