Barbara Ashbee

Barbara Ashbee


Barbara comes from an artistic family, her mother is also a successful artist. Barbara has had a passion for art in all its forms since early childhood. She spent the first part of her adult life as a landscape painter & always liked to experiment with other forms of art to keep life interesting.


Barbara has always been drawn to bright colours &anything that lustres or sparkles so she found herself drawn to glass and in particular dichroic because of its brightness and borosilicate because of its sheen and special effects.


Barbara and her husband Paul live in the picturesque Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania.  The Ashbee’s use only the finest quality glass and raw materials sourced from Europe and America for their work and all their fittings and inclusions are solid silver or gold.  They believe that like with cooking, you have to start with all the finest ingredients to get the best results.

Artist Statement:

“I have a strong need to keep learning and challenging myself and I don’t believe any other medium could be as exciting , dangerous or challenging as hot glass. Working with glass is a real emotional roller coaster, there are the intense highs of creating something beautiful and solving problems to the frustrations and failures that are inevitable.  I will continue trying new ideas and techniques as glassworking is my passion”.

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