Gayle Shaw

Gayle Shaw

Artist Statement:


I am an artist who has worked with fused and slumped glass for many years.  I appreciate the luminous quality of glass and the clear and strikingly colourful glasses which I use.  These colours interact with each other and contribute fine linear design to the final piece. 


I am very influenced by the colours and aesthetics of the natural environment and need to express something of the splendour that I see and the awe that I feel.


Landscape Dishes:


I enjoy travelling through Australia and always marvel at the rich variety of landscapes.  From sunburnt plains, sand hills, gibber deserts to rainforests, rivers, alpine snow, wildflowers and our wonderful beaches.  I love my sunburnt country.


I try to work with images that evoke peace.  I believe these dishes achieve this sense of peace in the landscape.            

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