Wendy Helleman

Wendy Helleman

In 2002, after 11 years at Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast, I moved back to Hobart with my family. This was an opportunity for me to follow my passion for glass.

My affair with glass began in 2007-08, when I attended several Adult Education classes. My next step was to complete Studio Glass Studies at the University of Tasmania.

Antarctic Glass was my first glass design series. They were inspired by my husband Paul's photos of fascinating shapes of Antarctic sea-ice. Paul took some wonderful photos of ice while onboard the Aurora Australis and while in Antarctica in summers of 2008-09 and 2010-11.

Aspect Design gallery in Salamanca Place, Hobart loved Antarctic Glass and began to sell them in June 2010. Antarctic Glass was an immediate success, and continues to be very popular, perhaps this is because Hobart has so many connections with the Antarctic continent, the Southern Ocean and Antarctic research.

A couple of years ago I set up a proper studio in our garage. I bought a kiln of my own. Look at those power bills now!

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