Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

Artist statement

To me glass is the perfect medium for pictures. It works as a window that can frame a clear view or play with your eyes, and if you make a sculpture, you can look at it, into it and through it. In my design I often get my inspiration from a happening or a feeling in relation to nature.

Since I moved to Australia I have concentrated on engraved glass. That´s how I first started and i guess I will always return to it. I can be quite spontaneous and sometimes brutal when I make my sculptures. They have a tendency to start living their own life during the process and it´s not always, that the end result looks as the original idea.  It always strikes me how similar Australian culture and Scandinavian culture is. I guess we are all nature romantics. We all aware of that we have to deal  with nature in a correct  and respectful  way, otherwise it will deal with us. We are not visitors in nature we are a part of it whether we like it or not.

Peter Nilsson

Born:                       22 January 1967

Swedish (with Australian permanent residency)

Swedish (mother tongue), English (working language)



2001-2002              Linné University, Sweden

Graduate Diploma in Education (Technical Education)

1999-2000              Linné University, Sweden

Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design (Glass)

1992-1995               University of Lund, Lund, Sweden

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Art History, Minor studies in Ethnology and Architectural History

1983-1985               National Glass School, Orrefors, Sweden

Senior High School/Matriculation course in glass, focus on cold techniques



Since 2011               Teaching basic engraving at Canberra Glassworks

2001- 2011               National Glass School, Orrefors, Sweden

Senior Teacher in Cold Techniques, Drawing Techniques and Art History

Represented Mats Jonasson/Målerås Glasworks in Japan September 2001

2000- 2010             Peter Nilsson Design and Art, Sweden (Personal design business)

Major clients: BSweden

Nybro Crystal Sweden

Represented Nybro Crystal in Australia July 2001

1995-1999               Design Assistant and International Representative

Mats Jonasson Målerås Glassworks, Målerås, Sweden

Represented the glass company in Canada, Holland, Japan and the USA.

1985-1992               Glass cutter, engraver and design assistant

Pukeberg Glassworks, Nybro, Sweden

Representing the Kingdom of Glass in Berlin 1989 at ITB fair


Other courses and activities


1989                        Summer Group exhibition, Siberia 1901, National Glass museum, Växjö, Sweden

1996                        Glassworkers’ Union Travel Scholarship: Urban Glass Workshop,

Paté devere and glass fusing, New York City, USA

2001                        Fitout of the Whitehall, Kumulus,Harrods Department Store with self-designed  chandelier (in collaboration with BSweden), London, England

2002                       Restoration of Algutsboda church glass mosaic window, Kalmar County, Sweden

2003                       Solo exhibition, Birdmen and other creatures, Gallery Glas Deco, Växjö, Sweden

2003                       Fitout of Creata head office with self-designed chandeliers, London, England

2005                       Technical education short course with Sally Pash in Flameworking, Sunne, Sweden

2006                       Permanent chandelier fitout, Jönköping Cinema Centre, Jönköping, Sweden

2009                       Permanent installation, Guardian angel, St.Sigfrid’s Church, Kalmar County, Sweden

2010                        Solo exhibition, Österlen Easter Art Week, Various pieces, English Book Café, Ystad, Sweden

2011                         Solo exhibion, Österlen Easter Art Week, Various pieces, English Book Café, Ystad, Sweden

2011                         Show, Kirra Gallery, The Swimmer, Melbourne, Australia

2012                        Show, Canberra Glassworks Gift Shop, Various pieces, Canberra, Australia

2012                        Group exhibition, EAT, Canberra Glassworks, Surviving the Day, Canberra, Australia

2012                        Group exhibition, Ciaroscuro, Brenda May Gallery, Night Travel 1-2, Sydney, Australia

2013                        Group exhibition, Kirra Galleries, The Third Dimension, Melbourne, Australia




I was born in 1967 near Orrefors in Sweden’s ‘Kingdom of Glass and Crystal’ region. My interest

in sketching and design has always been a big part of my life. Becoming a glass engraver was a

natural choice for me as glass was a readily available medium for picture making and sculpting

in the region I grew up in.


After I finished my technical education at the Swedish National Glass School in Orrefors in 1985, I worked as an engraver and artist’s assistant at the Pukeberg Glass Workshop. In 1989 I represented The Kingdom of Glass and Crystal at the I.T.B. fair in Berlin and participated in the

summer exhibition at the Swedish Glass Museum in Växjö.


In 1993 I started studying Art History at the University of Lund.  When I completed my undergraduate studies in 1995, Mats Jonasson offered me work as an art director’s assistant

at Mats Jonasson Sweden. I learned a lot from that job and I represented the company and Swedish glass art in Canada, the USA, Japan and Holland. During this time I received the Glassworkers Unions Travel Scholarship and studied at the Urban Glass Workshop in New York.


By 1999 I decided that it was time to formalise my studies in glass, so I undertook postgraduate

studies in glass design at University of Växjö.  I was also working as a freelance designer for Bsweden lighting company and Nybro Crystal glass workshop.


In 2001 things turned full circle and I began teaching cold techniques, Art History and sketching and drawing at the Swedish National Glass School in Orrefors. I continued to exhibit my work and my ongoing design work included permanent fit outs for Harrods in London, a large cinema centre in Jönköping (Sweden) and a hanging glass sculpture for St: Sigfrids Church near Kalmar (Sweden). 


I moved to Australia 2010 and have been working as an artist and teacher at Canberra Glass Works since then.

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