Emma Varga

Emma Varga

I am blessed to live and work in an exceptionally beautiful area of Sydney and my work is accordingly inspired by the surrounding landscape, especially since I established my studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1995, only hundred metres from the Pacific Ocean.


The technique of ‘multiple layers fusing’, gradually developed during the past 12 years, enables me to create and to gain control over three-dimensional images inside large transparent glass objects.

These objects are made from 20–400 thin transparent glass layers; a mosaic from colored glass frits and stringers is assembled on each sheet, according to a complicated three-dimensional plan.
Each sheet is slightly different from the previous one. These are then fused together in particular order, to form the image and to create a sense of movement inside a glass object


It takes two weeks to fire and slowly cool down large sculptural works, then a further two weeks to grind and polish all of the surfaces to perfection. Only then it is finally possible to see the inside; all the fine details and veil-like structures floating in the sea of clear glass.

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