Harriet Schwarzrock

Harriet Schwarzrock

Elementally this body of work is derivative of singular cellular forms and their varying structures. Basic components, amass to become multifarious formations. The intrinsic complexity of growth and natural forms is a vast field from which I draw inspiration. Shifting technologies and expanding scientific understanding within both microscopic and macroscopic imaging, expose beautiful and at times random interconnectivity. It is these broad themes of connectivity and networks which permeate this body of work.

Subtle shifting tensions and apparent randomness inform the placement of the forms, result in a surging transparent lightness. In employing stainless steel as a part of the structure of the pieces, I am using the joining of the materials as a device which in turn creates a mirroring and shadowing in the striated surface of the steel. The varying materials create a welling surface tension, allowing an ambiguous floating sensation to permeate the work.

My practice is in itself a shifting puzzle, at times a raucous family affair with contributions from two lovely boys and a wonderful partner. At other moments it is a quiet distillation of material, and in turn the placement, interrelationship and contemplation of forms.

In this body of work the repetitive composition addresses a broad confluence of thoughts and experience. Some of these rippling undercurrents relate directly to the plasticity of the molten glass. It is its material memory and the intrinsic fluidity of the matter whilst blowing which captivates and informs the components I employ.

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