Keith Rowe

Keith Rowe

Working for a long time at something can/will make one good or lazy.

In the creative world Lazy is not an option

there is a spring within,
keep pumping,
keep pumping
if you stop
the water will stagnate, dry up.
let this happen!
then it will take an extraordinary effort to restart the flow.
don't stop,
keep pumping.

I find the constant work easier than the big actions.
The desire to do, is overwhelming, something that won't turn off.

Each day is a joy to behold. I go to work and make things that I love. What! I ask, could be better?

The new pieces from the coral series are to evoke the undersea adventure.
Coral is a slow growing creature that creates beautiful form and decoration.
The same colours are reproducible in glass.
There is a fragile quality.
My love of colour is moved by the beauty in the many varied combinations.
I lived in the ocean for the first 20 years of my life. This has left a love of the coast and water.
Theses works are showing my memories, things there but hard to explain.
The emotional response.

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