Mark Eliott

Mark Eliott

Mark Eliott – Australian Glass artist, draws on many sources for his inspiration including plants, animals, marine organisms and people. His primary medium is Flame-worked borosilicate glass. Since his early training with Peter Minson in Scientific and sculptural glass, Mark has undertaken workshops with Robert Mickelsen and glass artists such as James Minson and Roger Parramore for whom he was technical assistant.

Currently Mark is doing a research Masters at Sydney College of the Arts on improvisation.   He writes and incorporates other forms of glass and mixed media into his projects which draw on synaesthesia, experiences in music (diploma in Jazz studies, Sydney conservatorium) and theatre (Sydney Playback theatre) as well as a gregarious childhood; much of it lived amongst Sydney’s colourful counter- culture.

Mark has been involved with the ‘Flame on Glass’ at Kirra galleries since its inception in 2003. He and Chris Arnold also collaborated during the 2005 Adelaide GAS conference.


In 2007 he jointly organised an exhibition with Artcase Galleries in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia which featured a collaborative glass–to-music performance at the opening. Mark also enjoys teaching Flame-work.  Among his current projects is a glass-animation filmic collaboration with Jack McGrath and a work called ‘The Virtual Theoretical Sculpture to be performed at the upcoming TTP conference at Monash University.  Mark’s plans include exhibiting more - both locally and internationally and incorporating more environmentally sustainable practices into his work. He lives with his partner Manjit and their two children in Bondi Sydney.

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