Nadia Mercuri

Nadia Mercuri

Artist Statement

The dialogue within my artwork utilizes the base components found throughout the Universe; energy, oxygen, silica and all the elements which make our planet both organic and inorganic.

The commonalities in the fabric of glass and glassmaking allow me to link outer space with my glass practice.  The irony is I use an archaic human technology to discuss concepts of the origins of life, the future and our place within the Universe.   


Nadia Mercuri was born in Melbourne in 1980. She has completed a Master of Fine Arts degree majoring in glass forming. Nadia is an active member of the Australian Glass Art arena. Her work speaks to aspects of contemporary popular culture and her response to it as a young participant in the Arts and broader community. In 2002 she received the Kirra Galleries Award for Excellence in Glass. In 2007 and 2008 Nadia was shortlisted for the Tom Malone Prize.

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