Chris Pantano

Chris Pantano

Drawing, designing and making things has been a source of enjoyment for me from a very early age.  It is for me a very comfortable and direct way of expressing ideas, relating to others, and connecting with the environment.


Like most Australians, including those who have come from distant lands and made Australia home, I am drawn to the warm, earthy colours and textures of the unique, varied and extremely beautiful Australian landscape.


Having lived most of my life with access to the sea, the coastal environment influences my work.  Surfing, swimming and regular long walks along the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine coast provide images, colour, themes, textures and inspiration to explore and express through various creative processes.  Sea smoothed stones, shells, driftwood and weathered man-made objects, old boats and buildings are often sources of inspiration.


Having had the pleasure of sailing and playing with boats at various times throughout my life, I have developed a fondness for the simplicity of the boat form.  The boat is, for me, symbolic of life’s journey.  We are all on voyages of discovering our true selves.

I am fascinated with the origins of man, cultural practices, architecture, the processes of bread and cheese making, the history of religion, mankind’s spiritual aspirations, craft techniques and the richness of his artistic expression.


Through working directly with materials such as glass, wood, stone, metals and paint on canvas, I explore creative processes.  However, I also enjoy the immediacy and seemingly endless possibilities for creative exploration using the modern digital technologies of the camera and the computer.

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