Richard Clements

Richard Clements

Richard Clements was born in London, and was apprenticed as an industrial glass blower from 1966-1970. He established Argyle Glass in Sydney before moving to Tasmania in 1978. He is a glass artist of international renown. Technically brilliant, he creates pieces of all shapes and sizes with a flair for the ridiculous.


The limitless variation of shape and decoration within the form of a bottle remains a constant fascination, despite his interest in making larger goblets and teapots as well. Unlike those who blow molten glass heated in a furnace, Richard manipulates heated borosilicate glass tubes over a flame, or torch. To be less dependent on imported materials from the mid-1990's Richard has also developed range of coloured borosilicate glass rods used in the decoration of the forms, and now supplies this material to others using the same process.


His bottles are collectors items, some are beautiful, some are zany, all are desirable. He sells his exhibition pieces in Japan, the East and West Coast of America and in selected Australian galleries.


Richard has won numerous awards for his creations. He has exhibited at the Royal Fine Arts Gallery in Kent, England, Tokyo Expo, Seville Expo and the International Perfume Bottle Exhibition at Bloomingdales, New York.


His work is represented in many private and public collections including; National Gallery, Victoria, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, South Australian Museum and Art Gallery, and Dupont Glass Collection, USA.


Richard lives and works at Franklin in the Huon Valley south of Hobart.

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