• Tom Marik

    Tom Marik

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  • Don Sheil - Australia

    Don Sheil - Australia

    Don Sheil, was a silversmith with a vision.  For years he had played around with metals.  They held a fascination for him.  It was nothing unusual for him to spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week experimenting with them – never satisfied, always wanting to exploit the full potential of the alloy with which he was working.  It was a tedious and time consuming passion and Don was a tough taskmaster on himself and those around him.


    But, he was also...

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  • Pete Smit

    Pete Smit

    Pete Smit was born in South Africa in 1947 and was raised on the magnificent Cape Peninsula.  He studied an arts degree in South Africa and in 1970 he headed for Australia, and soon discovered himself better suited to more practical pursuits than he had been used to.  More importantly, he very soon realised that he had arrived in the land of his dreams, and he embraced this new freedom with great enthusiasm.


    Many years later Pete decided that the time to...

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