Pete Smit

Pete Smit

Pete Smit was born in South Africa in 1947 and was raised on the magnificent Cape Peninsula.  He studied an arts degree in South Africa and in 1970 he headed for Australia, and soon discovered himself better suited to more practical pursuits than he had been used to.  More importantly, he very soon realised that he had arrived in the land of his dreams, and he embraced this new freedom with great enthusiasm.


Many years later Pete decided that the time to settle down and wake up to himself had arrived, so he teamed up with a good looking young lass, Louise, and started looking for some answers.


After much wandering, Pete and his wife Louise finally moved to Queensland to set up home.

Working from their leafy Samsonvale Farm, Pete and Louise cast all their own work, thereby eliminating the delays and hassles associated with foundries and bronze castings.


As a result of the many years spent working in the bush, Pete has a deep respect and understanding of nature, and relies on this for his inspiration.


Entirely self taught, he relies on wife Louise as his major critic.  The winner of numerous awards, he has also been fortunate enough to have been handed many exciting commissions.  Some of Pete’s work remains in Australia, but the majority of his bronzes find homes throughout the world.

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