• Bell Art

    Bell Art

    Artist Statement - Meryl Bell

    One of the abiding joys of my life has been the good fortune to have lived with an awareness of the unique plant and animal kingdoms in Australia. It is through my art that I hope to create this joy and awareness in others.

    People who knew my German grandmother said she had a great love for our wildflowers and was never without them in her home. I also think that my fascination with colour was awakened under her influence when as...

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  • Bnym Indigenous Designs

    Bnym Indigenous Designs

    BNYM Indigenous Designs

    BNYM Indigenous Designs produces high quality pottery and ceramics making it a leader in contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art.

    Based in the La Trobe Valley region of Victoria, BNYM Indigenous Designs was formed in 2001 by Sam Walker-Wilson, the late Mary Edwards, Shilo Van Sanden, Tweety Solomon and Aunty Jenny Solomon.

    The name BNYM (pronounced...

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  • Shoko Mafune

    Shoko Mafune

    Born:                6 May 1955

    Birthplace:         Beijing, China

    Education:         Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry of SeikeiUniversity, Tokyo, Japan

    Additional:         Studied pottery under Mr Masayasu Chujo,...

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  • James McMurtrie

    James McMurtrie

    My love of glass has been fuelled by many aspects in my understanding of life, encompassing both the man-made and natural worlds. 

    My studio is surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of Australian bushland, therefore my work becomes primarily influenced  by the natural environment ,depicting seasons, droughts, the effects of bushfire on the landscape, regrowth and the colour and forms  of  mountains. 

    This awe inspiring place   provides...

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  • Wright Power Australia

    Wright Power Australia

    Wright Power Australia is one of Australia’s leading candle design and manufacturing companies, with a world class manufacturing facility and showroom in Melbourne. Wright Power Australia designs, manufactures and markets a wide assortment of Quality Candles hand-made here in Melbourne. 

    All candles are made from quality fully refined or soy waxes and pure cotton wicking and are designed to be both dripless and long burning, all scented ranges are richly...

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  • Lisa Simmons

    Lisa Simmons

    Artist’s Statement


    I am able to draw on my graphic design and illustration backgrounds to create colour and design themes to produce flame-worked glass bead jewellery.


    These flame-worked glass beads are made over a single fuel torch using Bullseye glass. Glass is melted over a flame and then coated around a stainless steel rod, then shaped and decorated. Some beads have many layers, colours and patterns, taking an hour or...

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  • Foot Young

    Foot Young

    At an early age Foot's father taught him essential farming skills such as carpentry and welding and encouraged him to approach jobs in a practical and creative manner. When just ten years of age Foot began welding together odds and ends from the scrap pile into something he thought had some significance but which the rural community found somewhat amusing.

    After completing a college degree in Mathematics, riding a Harley for a couple of years, and then starting a dive...

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